Hello   So here goes...a little about Leslie and Tiffany. They are Prima Photography. They chose the name “Prima” because it means cousin in different languages. They are cousins from identical twin mothers, so that means they are pretty much sisters, lol. Tiffany followed the footsteps of Leslie into photography after being inspired by her love for the art.  They both studied and earned college degrees in photography.  Each having over 15+ years in the industry, they have learned a lot over the years and still love expanding their knowledge of this ever evolving art.


They reside in different states, how is it they make this work you ask??


Leslie, her hubs and sweet baby boy live in Panama City Beach, FL & Tiffany, her hubs and 2 precious girls live in Norwood, NC...they can now cover the whole east coast, with customers spanning from Maine to Florida.  Although they love to travel and love shooting together, Leslie covers mostly GA and FL while Tiffany covers mostly NC and SC.  Large events/sessions that require both of them are encouraged and can be arranged.  Throughout the year they plan different on location shoots where they get to shoot together, if you are interested please message them to go on the email list.


So from both of them...


We want to capture your story...all the milestones...to babies, families, graduates, weddings to real estate, headshots and product shots.  Contact us to get started!  


Thanks for stopping by <3

Leslie and Tiffany